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Innovation 4 Growth

Decades of experience that lead to the development of our I4GSystems, have tought us that real growth of a business can only be achieved trough systematic innovation. 

The I4G® System strives more for the development of new relationships than for the development of new objects.

The Challenge of Innovation does not lie in the creation of new products or services, but in the creation of human systems able to innovative and to adapt to new conditions in both an emergent and deliberate fashion.

The I4G® System is based on 9 Premises:

Reduce Costs

Dissolve Problems


Commercial Deployment

Learning by Doing

Reconnect Humans & Technology

Discipline as a Driver

Master the Obvious

Enterprise Culture





We reduce the cost of innovation, so it could both contain risks and improve the ROI. The design of low cost business experiments is imperative to the creation of a successful innovation trajectory.


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Currently there is a tremendous disconnect between humans and technology.
We connect human sciences with technology and liberal arts.


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We aim not to solve, not to resolve, but to dissolve problems in the form of innovation challenges. Innovation requires identifying the problems that matter and moving through them systematically to deliver create/elegant solutions.

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Even though there is a common belief that usually innovation fails, it doesn't need to. Innovation almost never fails due to lack of creativity, but because of lack of discipline.


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The most certain way to fail is to focus ONLY on products. Successful innovators use many types of innovation.


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We give too much importance to novelty. Novelty wears off quite rapidly. Actually, innovations don't have to be new to the world, only to a market or industry. However, the real innovator is usually the master of the obvious.

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It doesn't count until it's in the market. If the solution is not deployed commercially or has no impact socially then there is no point in doing it.


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An innovation culture is the premier growth engine for enterprises. An innovation know-how is the premier growth platform. The different types of innovation you can engage represent different growth trajectories your enterprise could pursue.

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Innovation is about learning to make mistakes, as fast and often as possible, so we can find out what doesn't work before going to market.


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The structure defines the backbone of the innovation system. It goes how to structure your profit model, your stakeholder network, how you organize, incentive and align your talent and how you manage your portfolio of innovations projects given a set criteria for investments and expectations.


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Innovation requires the implementation of a new operating system for the whole organization. As the new reality is constant disruption, an innovation system demands the development of new habits of the mind and a new cognition tool set. Part of this new tool set is the customized design of a structured emergent innovation system. This innovation system supports creates the conditions, processes, practices and routines that will lead to release the organization's creative potential from its shackles, increase the diversity of innovation teams, and most importantly being able to match the tasks with talent. This dimension activates and mobilize creativity both with dedication and an open mind.


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Knowing where to innovate is as important as knowing how to innovate. It is imperative to identify the right innovation opportunities, and be very clear about the nature of the innovation we intend to create before beginning any project. The innovation space can focus on:

  1. Product Performance (development of distinguishing features and functionalit)
  2. Product Systems (creation of complementary products or services)
  3. Service (how you support or amplify the value of your offerings)
  4. Channel (How you deliver your offerings to customers and users, how you make them accessible)
  5. Brand (How you represent your offerings and businesses)
  6. Customer Engagement (How you foster compelling interactions)


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Even though an emergent innovation system could lead organizations to unexpected places, our innovation initiatives should represent the flows of the stream of decisions and actions aimed to reach a particular destiny. The i4g model incorporates to innovation projects parameters that increase and measure the replication and growth potential of the initiatives. The innovation portfolio effectiveness must be measure by the rate of increase in the top line and bottom line.
Innovation projects must reinforce each other in the potential to deliver profitable, sustainable and predictable growth.


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