Program Terms & Conditions

Application process, payment and fees

Your application will not be considered if you do not provide all supporting evidence requested during the application process.

Upon providing a payment during the Program Spot Reservation, you enter into a contract with LiiVE LLC and confirm that you accept the LiiVE LLC Program Terms & Conditions. You are therefore subject to the terms and conditions of a Program booking, as set out on this page.

Any extracurricular activities other than the program activities are not included in the program cost. If you choose to take part in optional social activities, such as shopping or dining off campus, the cost must be covered by each student. The full list of the social activities will be provided to you before the program commences.

Fee reductions

Unless otherwise stated, all fee reductions, if applicable, are made to the Program fee element of the program fee only.

No discount will be applied to any accommodation selected to accompany the Program booking.

Bank charges

If you opt to provide payment for your Program booking by International Bank transfer, please note that the LiiVE LLC is not responsible for any bank charges incurred in the transfer of fees. All bank charges, including those incurred overseas and in the US, are the responsibility of the person making the payment.

Cancellations and refunds

Parent or Student Cancellations

You will not be permitted to participate in the Program if payment is not made in full 60 days prior to your Program commencement date. Late payments entitle us to cancel all relevant Program bookings.

In the event that you wish to cancel your Program booking or we have to cancel due to late payments, please see below for an overview of our policy:

  • Within 14 days of making your first payment, LiiVE LLC will refund the fees paid by you less a 10% processing fee of the total Program cost.
  • Within 90 days prior to the start of the Program, LiiVE LLC will refund 50% of the total Program cost.
  • Within 60 days prior to the start of the Program, LiiVE LLC will refund 25% of the total Program cost.
  • Within 30 days prior to the start of the Program, LiiVE LLC will issue no refund.

Please note the below exceptional circumstances, where the request for a refund will be considered on a case-by-case basis:

  • You can demonstrate extenuating personal circumstances which prohibit you from coming to the US. (For example, illness and bereavement.) Please note that supporting evidence will be requested.
  • A visa application refusal, for reasons out of your control. Please note that this does not include unwarranted late visa applications. Supporting evidence will also be required.

Please note that we will require written confirmation of your wish to cancel/withdraw your spot reservation.

Program cancellations

We may cancel your Program if we fail to recruit our minimum level of enrolments or if circumstances beyond our reasonable control prevent us from delivering it.

  • If you have received a confirmation at the time of such cancellation, LiiVE LLC will offer you an alternative course or refund in full the installments paid by you.
  • If you have not received confirmation at the time of such cancellation, LiiVE LLC will refund you as above.

Though LiiVE LLC makes every attempt to avoid any changes to our Program, we strongly suggest that you do not make any travel arrangements or private accommodation bookings until you receive a confirmation to attend any of our Programs. We also strongly advise you to invest in a comprehensive travel insurance policy, to cover costs in the event of such a cancellation.

Refund processing

In the event that a refund is successfully requested and approved, you will be reimbursed using the same means of payment as you used to make the payment to us, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise. In any event, you will not incur any fees as a result of the reimbursement.


LiiVE LLC cannot accept liability for any loss or damage to your property including the transfer of computer viruses to your equipment. You are advised to insure your property against such risks.

The LiiVE LLC does not provide insurance for students. You are recommended to acquire insurance appropriate to you that covers your personal possessions, medical and repatriation expenses (if you are not covered in the USA) and cancellation to cover any fees and travel costs.

Any LiIVE student participating in any Program must show proof of a valid medical insurance valid in the USA that covers the entire duration of the Program. If you have insurance you must submit our Insurance waiver form provided in the welcome packae you will receive after successfully booking a Program.


If your program includes accommodation, then you are required to comply with the following additional terms and conditionsand any housing rules: 

Accommodation - General

Accommodation bookings will commence the day before the start of your Program and will end the day after your Program ends. You will be able to check-in to your accommodation from 2:00pm onwards on the day of your arrival and will be requested to check-out of your accommodation by 10:30am on the day of your departure.

If you require accommodation for outwit this timeframe, LiiVE LLC is not obliged to arrange this on your behalf.

Should you decide to arrive in your Program city before or after your official Program accommodation start date, you will have to arrange proper accommodations. If your Program does not include on campus accomodation, you may be able to book accommodation on campus at a special rate for Program students.

Accommodtion is subject to availability and is bookable directly with the accommodation provider. Please note that you will be required to move in or out of your Program accommodation on your official accommodation start and end dates and that any booking for additional days is separate and extra to your booking with LiiVE LLC.

  • Parking: Car parking is available at some locations. In such cases permits are provided upon arrival.
  • Bedding: All towels and bed linen are supplied and changed as necessary.
  • Animals: No animals are allowed on premises with the exception of guide dogs; if you are bringing a guide dog, please notify the LiiVE team via through our online contact form.
  • Fire regulations: You will be required to familiarize yourself and comply with all fire regulations and evacuation procedures at the property where you are staying. Any malicious activation of fire alarms will result in an imposed penalty - this may include immediate termination of the booking and eviction from the property.
  • Smoking: Please note that all of our program properties have a strict non-smoking policy.
  • Mail deliveries: Please note that - due to the number of bedrooms we administer and the size of our site - we are unable to accept any deliveries or mail for guests before or during their stay without prior notice of its arrival. If you are expecting mail to be delivered to us in your name, please notify us in advance by emailing office@liive.biz quoting your reference number and the nature of the item to be delivered.

Accommodation – Self-Catered

Some of our Programs have self-catered accommodations. If such is the case, you are subject to the self-catered regulations.

  • Parking: Permits are issued at some of our Program sites, when available, for cars only (no transit vans or mini-buses.) Permits are valid for the site shown on the permit.
  • Mobility: Please notify the LiiVE team of any guests with mobility issues via our online contact form.
  • Bedding: Is supplied but you will be responsible for providing your own towels. You will be required to launder your towels yourself; there are coin-operated laundry facilities available for you to use.
  • Animals: With the exception of assistance dogs, no animals are allowed in our self-catered accommodation.
  • Occupancy: Self-catered accommodation may not be occupied by more guests than there are beds in the flat. Over occupancy of any accommodation will result in an immediate termination of the booking.
  • Fire regulations: You will be required to familiarize yourself and comply with all fire regulations and evacuation procedures at the property where you are staying. Any malicious activation of fire alarms will result in an imposed penalty - this may include immediate termination of the booking and eviction from the property.
  • Cleaning charges and inspections: All accommodation should be left in a clean and tidy condition on departure, with all dishes washed and rubbish removed. We reserve the right to carry out routine inspections of the accommodation during your stay. Any flats found to be in an unacceptable condition may receive a penalty charge payable before the checkout date.
  • Smoking: Please note that all of our properties have a strict non-smoking policy.
  • Keys: You will be charged $100 USD to replace any lost keys. If a lock change is required, this charge will increase to $200USD.

The Student Code of Conduct

If you are accepted to study upon a LiiVE Program, you will be required to comply with the Student Code of Conduct. This code sets out expectations for student behaviour and also the procedures used by the University and LiiVE LLC in order to resolve matters when students' behaviour is unacceptable. If you breach any of the terms set out in the Code of Student Conduct then these you may be withdrawn from LiiVE's Program and any associated accommodation bookings. 

Your Data

LiiVE LLC may use any information which you provide during the application process to compile statistics that may be published or passed to a governmental or regulatory body according to our Privacy Policy.


Any complaints about LiiVE's programs should be made in writing and sent (via e-mail) to office@liive.biz.

Formal complaints will be dealt with in accordance with the LiiVE’s complaints procedure and the specific University complaint procedure.


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